Design AssetsΒΆ

Design assets you deliver to Mozilla as a consultant should be provided in an agreed format and should be ready for a developer to turn into production ready code.

Things to consider include:

  • The ideal design mockup should be an HTML prototype that can be viewed and resized in a web browser.
  • If an HTML prototype is not provided, either a Sketch of Photoshop static mockup is acceptable.
  • If a static mockup is provided, both a desktop and mobile representation of a page should be included.
  • If image assets intersect with the edge of an artboard in a static mockup, make sure to include those assets uncropped in the document, so a developer can export and use them in context of a responsive web page that can be larger than the fixed sized artboard.
  • Image assets should be included in an appropriate format. We prefer SVG whenever possible, but if an image includes many paths or gradients then sometimes a PNG or JPG makes more sense. If non-vector images are provided, high resolution versions should be included.